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  • Discounts every time you place an order with Diana Lee Cosmetics on-line or by phone ordering.
  • $2.00 discount off every item in the shopping cart "NO MINIMUM ORDERS".
  • Members will recieve our monthly Sales Flyer loaded with coupons, sales and discounts.

This Membership is Fee. Just fill in the form below and submit. We will send you your special Membership ID number to use each time you place an on-line order or phone order.

When you place your order and go to the Check Out Page enter your Member ID number in the Member ID box. You will automatically receive a $2.00 discount on every item in your shopping cart "NO MINIMUM ORDERs".

By now, some of you are asking yourself okay what's the catch? Well the truth is there is No Catch. You do not have to buy product every month or so, You do not have to place a minimum order, You do not have to spend a cretin amount of money to get your discount. This Membership is FREE no strings attached.

Member Referral Program:

Diana Lee Cosmetics Members who have made at least one purchase in 30 days who refer a new customer that purchases a product from Diana Lee Cosmetics and that referral customer mentions your name in the Add Message Section of the shopping cart, that member will receive a $10.00 gift certificate from Diana Lee Cosmetics that can be used towards their next purchase. Our Gift Certificates have NO Expiration Date so you can use them any time. Not a member yet? What are you waiting for? Sign Up Today it's FREE!

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Please Note:
Member Discounts and Products on Sale do not apply to our customers who purchase products for their business Wholesale. As you are already receiving a Wholesale price for our products.

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