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Sugar Waxing Before & After Information

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Mens Sugaring

Full Back:
Get smooth from the neckline to the lower back
Half Back:
Perfect if you need a little smooth TLC on either the upper half or lower half of your back
Full Chest
Sugaring from the Neck to Top of Stomach
Half Chest
Sugaring from the Neck to Top of the Pecks
Full Stomach:
From just below the pecks to the hip.
Lower Stomach:
From the Navel to the hip
Full Legs:
Remove hair from the upper thighs down to your toes
Half Legs:
Remove the hair from just above the knee down to your toes.
Under Arms:
Remove all hair from Under Arms
Full Arms:
hair from the shoulder to the wrist and even the fingers if needed.
Half Arms:
Remove any hair from the elbow to the wrist or the Shoulder's to the elbow.
Remove any hair from the Neck & Shoulder's.
Hands & Fingers:
Remove hair from Hands & Finger
Feet & Toes:
Remove hair from Feet & Toes
Mens Speedo:
Tidy up the speedo line. Remove the hair from outside the brief line.
Mens Buttocks:
Full Buttocks hair removal.
Mens Bro-zillian (First Time):
For those of you who are new to the idea, let’s take a minute to explain exactly what Male Brazilian Waxing is. It’s the removal of all or some of the hair in the genital area. How much or how little hair you want removed is completely up to you. You can have a strip of hair remaining just above the shaft, or you can opt to have it all removed. You can also choose to have all of the hair removed from your scrotum and/or anal area. In the privacy of one of our waxing rooms.
Mens Bro-Zillian Maintenance (4 to 6 weeks):
We have two prices for our most popular service. The Bro-zillian is what we charge any client that has never had a Bro-zillian wax at Diana Lee's. It doesn't matter if you have been waxed before, if you are new to us, then you are considered a Bro-zillian. However, when you reschedule within 4-6 weeks, then you are considered a maintenance, and you will always be charged maintenance price. We charge less for the Maintenance wax because it is easier for both you and your waxer and it's a way to remind you to come back in on schedule!
Mens Full Body Sugar Waxing:
Full hair removal from Legs, Arms, Under Arms, Chest, Stomach, Back, Shoulders, Buttocks & a full Brozilian