Our Story

Hi I am Diana Lee owner of Diana Lee Cosmetics.
I run my own home based local small business here in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I have been a Free Lance Model for over 6 years and a Makeup Artist and Photographer. As a model I know how important it is to keep your skin looking healthy, soft & supple. In the years of modeling doing makeup for many models and clients and also being a photographer I have noticed one thing with many of our models and clients and that is DRY SKIN.

Many models & clients I have worked with over the years have had dry flaky skin on their face, hands, arms and legs. Most Makeup & Skin care products are loaded with chemicals and not to mention can be very expensive. What comes to mind when you think of pollution? Probably not your shampoo, soap, hand lotion or makeup. But some of the chemicals found in personal care products aren't that pretty.

U.S. researchers identified 10,500 industrial chemicals used as cosmetic ingredients, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxic, endocrine disrupters, plasticizer's, degreaser's and surfactant's. I don't know about you but I do not want these chemicals on my skin.

This has prompted me to make my own nontoxic chemical free products using only natural products like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Coca butters and Essential oils in my products. This is why I think you will love the silky feeling and texture of my moisturizing creams and lotions made from all natural and non-toxic products have been my goal for the past few years and now it is time for me to share with you all. I have made all my own fresh new product line of creams and lotions from all natural products non toxic, chemical free and never tested on animals. I am sure once you try my creams and lotions you will stop buying them from your local drug store.

All Natural Ingredients. Are you tired of purchasing your face creams and lotions that are full of chemicals and harsh preservatives. Well we have the answer for you. Diana Lee Cosmetics makes a full line of Body Butters, Moisturizing Creams and Lotions, Foot Creams and Lip Balms with 99% natural products and preservatives at a great price. We will ship all across Canada. So come check us out you will be glad you did.